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  • Shandong linyi brilliant wood processing plant

    Shandong linyi brilliant wood processing plant


    Rotary cutting machine is one of the main equipment in the production of plywood, divided into card rotary cutting machine cutting machine and no card rotary cutting machine, with the progress of science and technology digital servo control technology is also used in the production of rotary cutting machine, in recent years appeared CNC rotary cutting machine. The appearance of nc rotary cutting machine not only improves the quality and precision of the single board
  • Butuoba, xiaolongtan mining bureau, yunnan province

    Butuoba, xiaolongtan mining bureau, yunnan province


    A conveyor is a material handling machine that continuously transports materials on a certain line, also known as a continuous conveyor. Conveyor can carry out horizontal, inclined conveyor, can also form a space transport line, transport line is generally fixed. As a state-owned coal production enterprise, yunnan xiaolongtan mining bureau is one of the key mining areas of yungui coal base
  • Shandong dongming automobile repair factory

    Shandong dongming automobile repair factory


    Automobile fuel injection pump is an important part of automobile diesel engine. The fuel injection pump assembly is usually composed of fuel injection pump, governor and other components installed together to form a whole. Among them, the governor is to ensure the low speed operation of the diesel engine and to limit the speed, to ensure that the injection volume and speed to maintain a certain relationship between the components. The fuel injection pump is the most important part of diesel engine, which is regarded as the "heart" part of diesel engine.
  • Guangxi kangligang stone co. LTD

    Guangxi kangligang stone co. LTD


    A blender is a machine with a blade-mounted shaft rotating in a cylinder or groove, mixing various ingredients to form a mixture or suitable consistency. Mixer is divided into many kinds, there are forced mixer, single horizontal shaft mixer, double horizontal shaft mixer and so on. Stone mixer using the rapidly rotating screw to the raw material up to the top from the bottom of the barrel by center
  • Tianjin zhongfen dairy co. LTD

    Tianjin zhongfen dairy co. LTD


    Three-legged centrifuge is chemical industry, light industry, textile, food industry, one of the main equipment, its main role by centrifugal force to solid-liquid separation, generally by feeding, washing, dehydration, knife, discharge and so on several parts, including feeding, washing, knife, discharge part is controlled by electromagnetic valve, pneumatic valve, centrifugal kettle is a major part of the realization of solid-liquid separation
  • Jilin fusong sand factory

    Jilin fusong sand factory


    A filter is a device that USES porous filter media to trap solid particles in the mixture of liquid and solid particles and realize solid and liquid separation. Filters are widely used in chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, light industry, food, mineral processing sand, coal and water treatment industries. A simple filter is formed by dividing the container into upper and lower cavities with filter media.
  • Tangshan tangsheng steel co. LTD

    Tangshan tangsheng steel co. LTD


    Rolling mill is the equipment to realize the metal rolling process. Refers to the equipment to complete the whole process of rolling material production, including main equipment, auxiliary equipment, hoisting and transportation equipment and ancillary equipment. But generally speaking the mill usually refers only to the main equipment. In the selection of rolling mill
  • Shandong jinan aohai carbon co. LTD

    Shandong jinan aohai carbon co. LTD


    Coal mine elevator is an important equipment in the production process of coal mine, iron mine and nonferrous metal mine. The safe and reliable operation of the elevator is directly related to the production status and economic benefit of the enterprise. Coal is mined underground, and the coal is pulled to the surface by a tilting shaft with a hoist. The coal car is similar to the freight car of a train, but smaller in height and volume.
  • Petrochina dagang oilfield company

    Petrochina dagang oilfield company


    Pumping unit is a kind of machine equipment, commonly known as the "kowtow machine", to extract oil by pressurizing the way out of the well. When the oil pumping unit is on the stroke, the elastic contraction of the oil pipe moves upward, driving the mechanical unplugging oil extractor to move upward and causing vibration when it hits the slip sleeve. At the same time
  • Shandong Oriental craft glass factory

    Shandong Oriental craft glass factory


    Atmospheric hot water boiler heating system has been greatly developed in China because it has eliminated the possibility of explosion and brought many outstanding advantages. In recent years. Many departments on the development of atmospheric pressure hot water boiler heating system for a lot of work, usually focus on the opening and closing valve, such as controlled by the hydraulic control to the electromagnetic
  • Shenyang friendship plastic industry co. LTD

    Shenyang friendship plastic industry co. LTD


    Extruder can be divided into continuous extruder and discontinuous extruder according to the action type. Plastic extruder is also a kind of plastic machinery. The extruder divides the head into bevel head (included Angle 120o) and right Angle head according to the included Angle between the flow direction of the head and the center line of the screw. The shell of the nose is fixed on the fuselage with bolts.
  • Tianjin ruby shop

    Tianjin ruby shop


    In urban construction and planning, people put forward higher requirements on construction of leisure places, all kinds of leisure square, the construction of the park is becoming more and more beautification, the music fountain system to sound, light, water, and unique color combination effect becomes an important part of city landscape construction, domestic large and medium sized cities have rushed to the construction of music fountain
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